Advanced Prostho Level 1  

The Online Course like you have never experienced before!     

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Advanced Prostho Level 1  

The Online Course like you have never experienced before!     

Know More

What to expect 

The online course you have been waiting for!

The Advanced Prostho Level 1 is focused in sharing the most updated and evidence-based scientific knowledge in a 100% online format.  You will find an exhaustive and very complete content divided in chapters. Everything was recorded again from scratch and you will get a wide range of different types of contents, such as theoretical lessons, literature reviews, case presentations, clinical demonstrations, tips and tricks and some extra bonuses.

The Advanced Prostho Level 1 presents an innovative way of approaching the online education. It is set as a condensed 6 months curriculum, where you learn in detail different fields of knowledge in Prosthodontics, such as occlusion, adhesive dentistry, multidisciplinary treatment planning, digital dentistry, dental materials, minimally invasive techniques, absolute isolation and much much more! Besides this, you will still have extra live masterclasses and live Q&A sessions with Dr. João Borges and the constant support of our community manager.     

After the course you will be included as a member of our exclusive Advanced Prostho Community and your evolution will be continuously supported by the #iadlisbon prosthodontic team.


Main objectives

This is the moment that your Prostho Journey starts and where you set the crucial foundation of your know-how for the future clinical applications and professional growth as a prosthodontist. The objective of this course is to provide all the theoretical knowledge you need to achieve success and predictability in all cases of aesthetic and functional rehabilitation, regardless of their complexity.

At the end of this program, you will be able to: 

  • Diagnose every clinical case from the biological, biomechanical and esthetical point of view     
  • Identify all the risk factors in every case before starting the treatment
  • Be able to plan a treatment and its correspondent strategy of treatment
  • Choose the right materials for every case and clinical situation
  • Understand the step-by-step of every type of prostho rehabilitation
  • Correct the vertical dimension on a science-based approach
  • Assess every case and diagnose its ACE score, NOBRUX classification and any other parafunctional signs
  • Securely address aesthetic rehabilitations and proper diagnose their visual weights
  • Take advantage of the digital dentistry in a comprehensive and multidisciplinary way
  • Communicate with the laboratory in a predictable way
  • Understand and integrate other specialties in a multidisciplinary approach

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Course Setup

6 months exclusive access

  • More than 80! different lessons divided in chapters 
  • More than 50h! of contents 
  • Watch from your computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone
  • Watch anytime and anywhere, going backwards as much as you need, making sure you get the most out of this course  
  • Update in scientific knowledge on advanced, aesthetic and functional rehabilitation
  • Step by Step Clinical video demos
  • Permanent contact with Dr João Borges and IAD Prostho team
  • Bonus lessons on "Step by step into a 100% digital workflow" included!!
  • Bonus lessons on "Which Adhesive should I pick?" included!!
  • Bonus lessons on "How to succeed as a dentist - the tipping points into achievement" included!!
  • Bonus 10 webinars "Stay home with Academy - 2020 Edition" in a total of 20 extra hours of content
  • Extra 3 Live masterclasses during the 6 months 


Anytime. Anywhere. Online from your computer, tablet or phone.


6 months exclusive access from your personal password and login


[email protected] +351911102812

Natielle Gonçalves  🇵🇹 

I found the Advanced Prostho Online Course to be a very complete course. The content given is very important for those who are starting out and want to take their first steps in this area, as well as for those who are already in the area and want to update. Being an online course, it allows us to adapt to our day-to-day reality, facilitating learning when we have a very busy life, whether with work or family. Dr João was always very available and accessible to clarify any doubts we had throughout the course. Undoubtedly a course that was very worthwhile, which helped me to consolidate some concepts and taught me others that I did not know. I strongly advise everyone with an interest in this area! I loved! it !!



Francisca Neves Almeida  🇵🇹

The Advanced Prostho Online course has been an asset to me, both for my academic career and in the future for my professional career. All the contents presented are very clear and easy to interpret. At first, when I signed up, my fear was not understanding anything and being a bit clueless, as I was in my second year of dental medicine at the time, however, I found everything very interesting and João's way of teaching completely fabulous. All the tips he gave were extremely important and, over time, he managed to make me start to see dentistry with different eyes, it was a broadening of boundaries. Thank you for passing on your knowledge and helping me to be better!.



Julien Issa  🇱🇧

Being part of the first edition of Advanced Prostho Online Course was just great! It was a life-changing experience where I expanded my knowledge in the aesthetic dentistry field as well as developed my vision for my future career. I would like to thank you again for this amazing and well-organized course.


Thomas Ellis  🇬🇧 

I am really enjoying the first edition of the Advanced Prostho Online Course. I was completing a lot of work for my MClinDent in Prosthodontics during the lockdown period so have recently been able to go through a lot of the information and have learnt a lot! It is good to be able to go back and revise certain concepts. I am looking forward to learn more about occlusal concepts.

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