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Advanced Prostho Level 1

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Value: 449€ + 23%VAT.

What you'll get in the Advanced Prostho Level 1:

  • 6 months exclusive access
  • More than 80! different lessons divided in chapters 
  • More than 50h! of contents 
  • Watch from your computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone
  • Watch anytime and anywhere, going backwards as much as you need, making sure you get the most out of this course  
  • Update in scientific knowledge on advanced, aesthetic and functional rehabilitation
  • Step by Step Clinical video demos
  • Permanent contact with Dr João Borges and IAD Prostho team
  •  Bonus lessons on "Step by step into a 100% digital workflow" included!!
  •  Bonus lessons on "Which Adhesive should I pick?" included!!
  •  Bonus lessons on "How to succeed as a dentist - the tipping points into achievement" included!!
  •  Bonus 10 webinars "Stay home with Academy - 2020 Edition" in a total of 20 extra hours of content
  • and Extra 3 Live masterclasses during the 6 months 

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