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Advanced Prostho Level 1 


The Advanced Prostho Level 1 is a full online program focused on bringing the most updated knowledge in advanced aesthetic rehabilitation in more than 60 lessons, from planning to clinical treatment. It was developed to adjust to every dentist independently of the level of expertise.  

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Advanced Prostho Level 2


The Advanced Prostho Level 2 is a presencial course exclusively focused on practical training. Participants are exposed to a series of situations they have to solve, helping them in their autonomy growth, from absolute isolation, photography, tooth preparation and advanced treatment planning.

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Advanced Prostho Level 3 

Blended (Online + Onsite) 

The Advanced Prostho Level 3 is the highest level of personal training we can offer, in a program of more than 60h. You will get the most advanced scientific knowledge focused on biomechanics and on how to achieve treatment predictability, together with intensive hands-on and clinical practice in patients. 

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Advanced Prostho Level 4

Onsite Clinical Residency

Level 4 is an over-the-shoulder clinical residency customised for the needs and requests of each participant. After you have learned all the theory and trained the clinical skills, it's time to check the daily application in a clinic working on advanced rehabilitation and get all the tips and tricks.

International Advanced Prostho

Onsite Intensive Program

This is a special program designed for all the international students or dentists searching not only for an intensive scientific update in aesthetic dentistry and advanced rehabilitation, but searching as well for a big range of hands-on training  together with the chance of visiting Lisbon with the young #iadlisbon team.

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ProArch Clinical Residency

Onsite Multidisciplinary Program

The Pro-Arch Residency is a course dedicated to full-mouth rehabilitation with dental implants. It's tailored for immediate procedures with immediate loading and provisional restorations in edentulous solutions. It's held upon request.


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Why Prosthodontics

From all the fields in dentistry, Prosthodontics is maybe the most linked to the primary concern of a patient: to have beautiful and functional teeth. The work of a prosthodontist can correspond not only to a major change in the patient's quality of life, as in his or her self esteem. It is the impact of our clinical actions and the challenge behind every treatment plan that make such a big number of dentists to choose prosthodontics as their daily activity.  

In the past years, there has been a great number of changes in the way we approach the cases, in the diagnose and treatment plan and the management of the patient's experience throughout the sequence of clinical steps with the available digital tools. As a consequence, prosthodontics has been in the forefront of the evolution of dentistry towards its 100% digital workflow and today it has become mandatory for a dentist dedicated to this field to have the most updated scientific knowledge, as well as the control of all the digital tools that exist. 

Enroll Courses

The Advanced Prostho Journey 

Welcome to the Academy by IAD! If you are passionate about prosthodontics and esthetic rehabilitation, here you will find a set of different programs only focused in teaching advanced prosthodontics. We believe excellence can be achieved by every dentist and therefore these programs were built as a learning journey under the most updated scientific knowledge and advanced clinical skills. 

So, either you are a pre-graduate student or an experienced dentist, these courses are prepared to allow you to enroll in all the levels and go through "The Advanced Prostho Journey" or pick up those that fit your specific need. You will find different course formats in each level, from extensive full online theoretical update - Level 1 - to intensive clinical practice in patients - Level 3 - or exclusive over-the-shoulder clinical residency - Level 4. 

Advanced Prostho Level 1


+ 23% Tax / Online

  • Unlimited places
  • 6 months exclusive access
  • More than 60 lessons and over 40 hours of contents
  • 100% new recordings

Advanced Prostho Level 2


+ 23% Tax / Onsite

  • Limited to 12 participants
  • 4 days full hands-on! No theory!
  • Practice from planning to cementation
  • Experience all digital tools 

Advanced Prostho Level 3


+ 23% Tax / Online & Onsite

  • Limited to 6 participants
  • From February to April 2023
  • Modules 24th/25th February and 11th/12th March
  • Clinical practice in patients. 

Advanced Prostho Level 4

800€ / day

+23% Tax / Onsite

  • Limited to 2 participants
  • Exclusive One-to-one 
  • LIVE advanced prostho treatments
  • Customised to your needs  
  • Private lectures and Q&A

International Adv. Prostho


+ 23% Tax / Onsite

  • Limited to 12 participants
  • Intensive 3 days program hands-on + lectures
  • 24th to 26th March
  • Hotel + Meals included 

ProArch Clinical Residency

1500€ / day

+ 23% Tax / Onsite

  • Limited to 4 participants
  • Over-the-shoulder
  • Live full-mouth rehabilitations
  • Implantology + Prostho + Lab
  • Literature review


At our Academy in Lisbon:
Avenida da Liberdade, 220,
2º floor


Please check full program for each specific course. 


[email protected] +351911102812

Joana Rodrigues

Prosthodontic Department IAD

Agata Trzaska

Prosthodontic Department IAD

Tomás Albergaria

Prosthodontic Faculty @ Academy by IAD


“I highly recommend it to anyone doing oral rehabilitation. Dr. João Borges and the IAD Prostho team demystifies in a very clear and objective way all the essential concepts in prosthetic rehabilitation using everyday clinical cases supported by current scientific evidence. Also essential for those who want to start integrating the digital flow in their office."

Pedro Franco, Advanced Prostho student

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