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Here at the Academy by IAD®, we are focused in helping you to become the best dentist you can be!

Since 2015, we have been developing innovative national and international educational programs meant to guide you through a journey of state-of-the-art dentistry. Either on the multidisciplinary approach or the different specialties (such as prosthodontics, implantology or orthodontics), we have helped hundreds of worldwide dentists to achieve the level of expertise they were looking for and we continue to invest in new digital technology, to allow our students the access to the most recent advances in dentistry. 

The experience of our educational team, a team that works clinically and develops research projects on a daily basis at the International Advanced Dentistry in Lisbon, is an important asset of the global approach in dental education we aim to pursue. At Academy by IAD®

  we know that everyone can overcome their difficulties and be a better dentist. We just have to give the correct approach, share the right protocols and put each student in contact with the most updated scientific knowledge. 

Our mission is to boost the future generation of worldwide dentists!

"This course was an excellent experience because it brought together all the precision of the advanced clinical techniques applied in patients, always scientifically based. The dedication and constant monitoring of Dr. João Borges and his team is a very important asset of this training, that gave me the independence I was searching for." - Dr. Fabião Silva

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All The Tools You Need 

We have been having the privilege of teaching and lecturing since the beginning of our professional careers. It is this passion for sharing knowledge with other colleagues that kept us curious and keen to learn more and be better. So, we truly love the thrill and the challenge of adapting each time to a new group of students, with different backgrounds, different levels of knowledge and doing everything to help and boost each and everyone of them, through advanced knowledge and high-level technical skills. At Academy by IAD we are science-based, digitally driven and focused in sharing all the clinical tips we developed throughout the years of professional practice. We believe giving people different perspectives to question about and strong clues to work with, can eventually help them find all the answers! We can't wait to meet you soon, here in Lisbon!

Note from the Co-Founders and Teachers
João Borges, André Chen, Elena Cerviño & Joana Rodrigues

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360º Blended Learning

At our Academy you will find a comprehensive approach to learning, through theoretical online courses, advanced hands-on training and exclusive clinical practice.   

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The Academy is located in Lisbon in the heart of the portuguese capital, in the middle of the trendy and cosmopolitan Avenida da Liberdade, where you can also find a great offer of hotels and restaurants. 

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 Dedicated Team

At our Academy you will be in contact with a highly dedicated and postgraduated team of teachers, with more than 15 years of experience in the educational field lecturing onsite and online. 

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