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 Next Courses

Digital Workflow - 2nd Edition

In the month of October the Academy team will present the second edition of a course that can change your approach to dentistry and set a new way of working daily.

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Master Beginners - 6th Edition

If you want to start doing orthodontics with aligners this is the right course to take. This October, Dra. Elena Cerviño and all the team will set you ready to start your first case.

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Adv. Prostho - 10th Edition

The course where you get updated scientific knowledge, advanced hands-on training and clinical practice of veneers in patients is back in Sept / Oct for its 10th edition.

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ProArch Clinical Residency

The closest you can get to the daily clinical practice of Prof. André Chen, Dr. João Borges and all the IADLisbon Team. Until the end of the year, the residency is set upon request and specifically programmed to attend your needs, on the subject of #immediaXy and ProArch Live Cases. 

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Acupuncture for MD - 2nd Edition

Acupuncture has been growing importance in its application to a lot of dentistry acts and in November Dr. Hugo Tsou Ferraz will be back to teach you how to get the best results out of this practice.

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International Prostho Course

The full hands-on course set to train you in a special "gaming" way. Set for every dentist that wants to succeed in the field of prosthodontics, Dr. João Borges, Dr. Agata Trzaska and the rest of the Prostho team at IADLisbon will announce soon a single edition for 2022

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Our Vision & Mission 

At Academy by IAD we are science-based, digitally driven and focused in sharing all the clinical tips we developed throughout the years of professional practice. We have had the privilege of teaching and lecturing since the beginning of our professional careers & with that knowledge we developed innovative national & international educational programs, meant to guide our students through a journey of state-of-the art dentistry.

Our Vision is that every dentist should have access to learning the best and most updated dentistry there is.   

Our Mission is to build and invest in educational programs that boost and empower the future generation of worldwide dentists!

We can't wait to meet you soon, here in Lisbon!

Note from the Co-Founders and Teachers
João Borges, André Chen, Elena Cerviño & Joana Rodrigues

Our Courses

At Academy by IAD® you can choose the type of course that most fits your needs and possibilities. From Online courses to Onsite programs, from National to International groups, from Group courses to One-on-one customized clinical residencies and from Analogic to Digital Dentistry, here you can find all the options. 

We believe that the learning process should correspond to a personal and professional growth, hand in hand with the closest support of our team of experts. At Academy by IAD® you will find programs divided by fields of interest and levels of knowledge that set up a path of progressive development, getting you ready to solve every clinical situation, from the easiest to the most difficult cases.

We invite you to explore our list of courses and choose the one that suits your needs. 

Online Courses

Welcome to the virtual Academy by IAD®.
By choosing one of these courses, you take the first step and start your learning path from your computer, your tablet or your smartphone. Whenever you want and Wherever you are, you have the chance of watching each lesson and clinical demonstration as many times you want, getting the most out of each course.

Besides all the recorded exclusive online content, you will also be able to ask questions and discuss each topic with the team of speakers, making it a very interactive way of getting an advanced scientific update of each field of knowledge.

You will be surprised of how much you can transform yourself as a dentist after you complete one of our Online Courses.  

Digital Dentistry

Onsite Courses

Here is where we meet in person, in the heart of the beautiful city of Lisbon, at our facilities.
Our presencial courses are divided by subjects in a  progressive learning process, to make it easy to choose one that fits your needs, that fits the moment of your professional career, that really fits YOU!

At Academy by IAD® you have the possibility to start a journey together with our team of speakers in the field you like the most. From the most updated scientific knowledge and the challenging live action of the clinical practice to the multidisciplinary team approach to the digital workflow and the over-the-shoulder with the IADLisbon Clinical Team, at Academy by IAD® you can learn everything you need to become the best dentist you can be

So, now you just have to pick your field of interest and select the right course for YOU!

Nevertheless, if you still feel that none of the courses is the one you are searching for, please note that you also have the possibility of customising a one-on-one exclusive clinical residency in the field you are passionate about.

Digital Dentistry
Other Courses & Workshops


What happened at the Academy in the past months

Opening ESCI training center

April 2022 was very important for all the Academy team, as our center was officially accredited as the first training facility in Europe for ceramic implantology by the European Society of Ceramic Implantology. Through the dream and vision of Prof. André Chen, as a member of the board of directors of ESCI, all IAD team gathered in the effort of accomplishing such important step in our development.⭐️

Workshop - Dental Assistants

Our team of dental assistants held last month an intensive workshop dedicated to the important subject of the present daily clinical work: the digital dentistry. The participants got the chance of experiencing all the technology available at our facilities and get their hands on the various IOS, softwares and much more.


Advanced Prostho

The 9th Edition of the Advanced Prostho course took place the past months of March and April and gathered a very experienced group of participants. Besides all the theoretical update, the clinical hands-on in patients was a great way of getting a more profound experience of the step by step of a veneer case. 


The Art of the Dental Picture

📸Last February, the Academy welcomed one of the most renowned dental photography experts in the world. Dr. Diaz Cabrera hosted a truly unique and complete course in clinical photography that boosted the participants to have better communication (dentist-patient and clinic-laboratory), as well as to achieve high-impact photographs.


Get in Touch!

If you have any queries regarding the programs give us a shout and we will help you out!

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360º  Learning

At our Academy you will find a comprehensive approach to learning, through theoretical online courses, advanced hands-on training and exclusive clinical practice.   

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The Academy is located in Lisbon in the heart of the portuguese capital, in the middle of the trendy and cosmopolitan Avenida da Liberdade, where you can also find a great offer of hotels and restaurants. 

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 Dedicated Team

At our Academy you will be in contact with a highly dedicated and postgraduated team of teachers, with more than 15 years of experience in the educational field, lecturing onsite and online.