Invisible Orthodontics

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Next Edition April 2024

Invisible Orthodontics

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Next Edition April 2024

Where to Start


Master Beginners

The first level of the Aligners program is composed of a comprehensive theoretical updated knowledge in advanced aesthetic rehabilitation and a demonstration of some advanced clinical steps.


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Master Intermediate

Master Intermediate guarantees the creation of strategies to make digital treatment plans more predictable, from the simplest to the most complex clinical case.


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Clinical Residency

This course is composed of a personalised clinical residency where the participants follow and observe the treatment of advanced aesthetic cases, in an over-the-shoulder intensive program, getting all the tips and tricks of a daily practice dedicated to aesthetic dentistry.


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Why Invisible Orthodontics

We believe that invisible orthodontics is the future. Nowadays, patients are seeking a more aesthetic orthodontic treatment, and invisible orthodontics is the answer to that. The overall process involved is quite easy and comfortable for the patient, so the number of invisible orthodontic treatments are growing every year and the statistics show that this market will continue to grow.

Dra. Elena Cerviño, head of the Orthodontic department has been lecturing & teaching in this field since 2018 and has created these unique courses to fill a gap she felt existed in the ortho education. Independent of the level, these courses are complete, starting with introductory subjects, moving on to biomechanics and digital topics, finishing with sales & marketing and follow-up of your individual cases through out 3 months.

Our aim is for you to feel confident to start your journey with invisible orthodontics in your practice.


Spark Study Club


The Spark Study Club Lisboa gives you the opportunity to interact locally with colleagues, where you can learn from each other and extend your knowledge in the field of Orthodontics with aligners.

If you want to enroll or know more click the button below.

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At our Academy in Lisbon:
Avenida da Liberdade, 220,
2º floor


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Dr. João Pato

Spark Clear Aligners KOL

Tania Matos

Marketing & Sales

José Menacho

Specialist in Orthodontics

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