Acupuncture for Dentists

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Next Edition Jan 2024

What to expect 


The technological development we have achieved today allows us to validate much of
the ancient knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine, particularly Acupuncture,
bringing them the rigor based on scientific evidence, that so many criticisms and
doubts conspired in the western world.

Main objectives

These are to enable the dental doctor to use acupuncture techniques, which in a simple, fast and safe way can be an additional tool in different areas of dental medicine.

  • See the human body as an electrical circuit and learn how neuro-electrical impulses are transmitted and controlled.
  • Understand what physiological reactions develop with the arrival of each impulse in certain organs.
  • Understand how the introduction of an acupuncture needle in a specific point can generate an impulse and propagate it.
  • List how this knowledge can become a useful tool in your dental treatment.




At our Academy in Lisbon:
Avenida da Liberdade, 220


The course is divided in 2 modules of 2 days.


650€ + IVA

Acupuncture Course


+ IVA 23%

  • It consists of 2 modules, each consisting of theoretical & practical component 
  • Basic theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Physical concepts of electricity adapted to the human body
  • Clinical treatments
  • Diagnosis by tongue
  • Electroacupuncture and clinical protocols

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