Ceramic Implant Master Beginners

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Ceramic Implant Master Beginners

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Master Beginner course in Ceramic based implantology field is set for those who want to start placing ceramic implants in the clinic and don’t know how to start.

The participant will learn the state-of-the-art on evidence based ceramic implantology and the A-to-Z clinical guidelines. It’s a Blended Course composed by 15 Online Lectures and 3 Clinical Chapters (On-site).

It will be given the opportunity to learn clinical guidelines, indications, and the opportunity to apply acquired techniques, in a Hands-On and clinical applications in real patients.

After completion they will have a certificate of Official Training in Ceramic Implantology by the European Society for Ceramic Implantology.

The Ceramic Implant Master Beginners 2024 on-site course is coming soon.

At the end of the course the candidate will obtain knowledge and education on:

  • The State of the art of ceramic based implantology
  • Evidence based status and literature update
  • Clinical Methodologies using ceramic implants
  • Biomechanical considerations
  • Biological understanding of the technique
  • Surgical Skills
  • Prosthodontic Skills
  • Lab Technicians understanding and communication
  • Maintenance and long-term stability
  • To successfully understand the rational in placing a ceramic implant
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+ 23% IVA

Theorectical Modules on Surgical Procedures with Ceramic Implants


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