Master Beginners

Invisible Orthodontics

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Master Beginners

Invisible Orthodontics

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What to expect 


The Master Beginners course provides every tool you need to start providing orthodontic treatments with aligners.

The orthodontic protocols applied to the removable aligner systems will be covered, as well as clinical tips for improving them and predictability of tooth movement.

The attachments and other features placed on the aligners as auxiliary techniques (such as buttons, elastics, micro-implants, power arms and corticotomies) will be analysed in detail in a way to communicate effectively with the technicians. The purpose is to optimise the time in the preparation of the virtual treatment plans in an integral way, i.e. how to avoid excessive refinement.

The workflow of all stages of the process will also be transmitted, both at clinical and patient management level. In this context, the strategic marketing and management needs for the use of aligner systems to be integrated into clinical practice in a profitable and sustainable way will be analysed.

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What you'll get

  • Official SPARK ALIGNERS Technical Certification;
  • Sapphire Elite price category for 12 months;
  • 1 free pair of pliers (Punch type) on the first Spark case during the course;
  • Exclusive offer on the purchase of the Intensive IPR kit;
  • Special discount of 50% on pliers;
  • Study groups.
Full Program




At our Academy in Lisbon:
Avenida da Liberdade, 220,
2º floor


60 hours



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